Sunday, August 4, 2013

Time for a road trip!!

Well, the time has come for our little family to be just crazy enough to decide to do a road trip to MO with a 2 and 5 year old. :) It should be interesting since Hunter finds a 30 min car ride long and unbearably boring....but I think we'll survive this. Thanks to portable dvd players, toys, books, games, and prizes, I think we'll be able to AT LEAST get 3 hours before we're asked the dreaded question, "Are we there yet?" We're excited, though. Jonas' younger brother, Christian, will be heading off to his first year at Evangel University in Springfield so we'll be there to send him off (which means I'll be there sobbing uncontrollably and humiliating him in front of his college peers) and we'll get to drive by our old home in Springfield and show Hunter where he grew up (again, this will include me crying like a baby I'm sure). And of course, we're hoping to catch up with old friends and just RELAX! We have a couple shows/concerts on the way to MO and on the way out of MO but for the most part our time there will be purely vacation time for us, which I'm looking forward to. Did I mention our road trip will last a month?! It's a crazy amount of time to take two little ones on the road but we figure it will be a family adventure. We're hoping and PRAYING the kids will adjust well to traveling with us so that as Jonas travels we can all go with him. And I'm praying that things will work out for us in the future so that we can bring along a nanny! :) (seriously)

An update on my mom, for those who have committed to praying for her. She's officially all done with everything! Done with chemo, done with radiation and she got through it wonderfully! She's getting her strength back and she feels great. Now she's just waiting for her hair to grow back in which seems to be more on the slower, stubborn side. Thank you if you were part of those who've prayed over her!

And as far as me, I'm still doing great....feeling great... and honestly, I no longer seem to struggle with that daily fear of cancer returning or thoughts of dying. Of course they can come and go, but overall I now have peace and I feel normal again. I'm not obsessed over it like I was. I'm not scared and emotional every day over that. So thank you again for those who have prayed for me and have prayed for God's peace to fill me because I can definitely feel it.

I have a head full of curl now! Which is totally foreign to me. I feel like a poodle :) I'm trying to figure out how to style stubborn curls that constantly disobey and am trying to figure out if I want to keep my hair short for awhile or grow it out. I'm so curious as to whether or not my hair will stay this way or go back to how it used to be. Maybe this is the beginning of the beach wave I prayed for :)

As always, I love to leave you with something you can pray for for us :) We've noticed recently (on an overnight trip/concert) how challenging it is and will be to travel with our kids. Liam is like the energizer bunny and is constantly moving, non stop... curious and active. (but sweet) :) (but exhausting!) And it's proving impossible for me to sound check, etc while having to chase him around. And Hunter has moments of confidence and bravery and sometimes will feel totally at ease meeting new kids, etc but then if he hits a moment of being over tired can breakdown (and I mean BREAK DOWN) into an inconsolable mess with which there is NO reasoning or comforting. He hates to go places without us where he doesn't know anyone... and apparently doesn't always do well sitting in the front row while we sing. (on this one trip I had to walk off stage and remove my wailing child and do everything I could to calm him down....let's just say it was a BAD weekend with the kids) :) So in all honesty, prayers over our kids adjusting well at each new place that we stay and sing,etc... are so needed! And that God provides just the right people to help us watch our kids who are trustworthy and great with our kids. I think once our kids get a little more used to the routine of traveling it'll get easier.
Off to start packing for our trip!!


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