Monday, August 20, 2012

First, a shout-out to Amy Martin for her amazing job making this blog more accessible and useful to everyone. Thanks, Amy!

I will update you with Jonas' Facebook status, so that if you aren't yet "friends" with him, you will be up to speed.

UPDATE: Becky finished up her Chemo today. They broke it into two days because they started so late last night. She is doing fantastic right now. Here's what we need people to pray for specifically: 1. that as Bec goes through the chemo getting into her body that she would continue to feel as ok as possible. The chemo will make her very week over the next few weeks. 2. that when she loses her hair, her self confidence would flourish. (She's gorgeous no matter what) but that she would feel pretty. 3. finances. I will need to take serious time out of work over the next few months to help with the kids, house, and of course Becky. That's a scary one right now. 4. That we would find strength and hope in each other as we both follow after God's will for our lives. This experience has drawn us both closer to each other and to God. It's amazing how something like this make us evaluate who we are at our core.

As he mentioned, finances are going to become an increasing burden on them. Bills begin to arrive quickly and then just don't seem to stop. We can unite together in making sure the Enemy doesn't use that to cripple their pursuit and assurance of Him, and HIS ability to overcome what they face.

Most of us could not pay the thousands of dollars on their behalf. Even with amazing insurance, the copays and "patient responsibility" is seemingly astronomical. But, if everyone does what they can, no matter how small, this will become just one more way for God to be glorified through His church.

As always, let's keep lifting them up in prayer. As Becky's appearance changes, let's pray for her boys not to be fearful. As her body is weakened through chemo, let's pray her spirit is strengthened. Let's pray for each of them, as they face their own unique battles, to be stayed by the Spirit of God and united to each other and Him.

Ask God to show YOU how YOU can pray specifically. He may reveal something to you, and only you, that they need, whether spiritually, emotionally, physically or financially. God is not only all-powerful. He is also intensely personal. Allow yourself to take this in, and, as you do, let's look for ways to see it exemplified in this situation.

Thanks for your prayers.

~Jena (Saaybe) Schaumburg

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