Thursday, August 16, 2012

Update from Jonas

Hey, all. God is doing amazing things. I just got off the phone with paypal (MAN! They have REALLY got security down in that company :).) and they released the flag on the account so that the $599+ was sent to them tonight.

Did you read that?


God is so amazing. And, it's truly humbling to be a part of something that is so clearly larger than any individual.

I received this from Jonas tonight:

We're at the ER right now b/c Bec has been feeling pretty lousy. She has a wicked cough and is starting really feel weak and tired. She has been out of breath pretty regularly and can't walk but a few steps without losing her breath. She has a great attitude about this. I'm the one that's stressed out. It is called Type B Large Cell Primary Lymphoma. Thanks for your help, it means so much. Please thank the people that have helped financially so far. With this happening I'm not able to work b/c I need to watch the boys. So this is helping so much.

Let's all continue to think of ways to uplift the Woods family, as they each face their own version of a battle. I'm working to find ways to make this more readily available to people. Please feel free to give me suggestions in that regard, as well.

I'll keep updating as needed.

Edited because it looks like Becky's x-rays at the ER came back with good news:

(Jonas' Facebook update:

UPDATE: Xray showed that her mass has not grown. That's good news. Her blood work came back perfect which is a great sign. They will be taking her in for a Catscan to make sure that she doesn't have and blood clots. This is sometime caused by tumors. In this case it is easily remedied with blood thinners. They gave her a super strong cough medicine. It seems to be working. She's as gorgeous as ever. Just thought I'd throw that out there. :) I'm a proud hubby. She's WAY stronger then me.)

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