Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Total: $595

Hi, everyone. After being on the phone for a good chunk of this morning, I am making some changes to the format of our "fundraising," as it is proving difficult to make sure ALL funds go directly to the Woods family. I hate to confuse things, but I also do not want to see people's generosity going towards fees.

The best way to guarantee all of your funds will go to the Woods family is to go directly to and make a "personal gift" to While paypal (and Chipin) will allow for donations, there is a seemingly unavoidable charge in the link through that site.

Rest assured, if you gave already, I have spoken with paypal, and they are refunding all charges/deductions that had been made so that the full amount of your gift will be given to Becky and Jonas.

I am working to see if Chipin can manage to allow paypal donations without a charge, but in the meantime, let's go directly to paypal. In the future, if there changes are made, the godsbodyforbecky paypal account will continue to go directly to the Woods family.

I will continue to update the title of this post with the current balance in that account. It is amazing to see the generosity of your hearts and know that together we can work to lift part of their burden.


Jena (Saaybe) Schaumburg

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  1. The Wilmoths in Missouri are praying and sending all our love and support.