Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life back to Normal? by Jonas

It's a strange thing when someone you love has a sickness that you can't see.  I know Becky is sick, I know that Lymphoma is a BIG DEAL and that she's not feeling 100% but I don't see the disease.  As life starts to get busy, it's easy to forget how serious all this is.  Today we have an appointment to see the oncologist to see how Becky is progressing.  On these days I feel the weight of this sickness again pushing down on me.  I never thought that I could become burned out or tired.  Turns out, I can.  I'm not so far gone that I can't function or that I'm in danger of getting ill.  I'm just saying that it's amazing the toll that this brings into a family.  I am so grateful for my faith and for God's grace.  I've certainly needed it.  Enough about me.
Becky is doing pretty well considering.  She's as beautiful as ever, even though she doesn't feel like it.  Her smile and laugh are infectious and calming.  She's slept pretty good for the most part, with exception to my random snores in the middle of the night.
The boys are testing my ability to NOT eat them like a praying mantis eats it's young.  They are fully boys!  Running, screaming, crying, all for no plausible reason.  Truth is...I LOVE it.  They are amazing and keep both Becky and I smiling.  Most of the time our smiles are masked by our extreme exhaustion.    
If it wasn't for my parents and siblings we would be completely lost at this point.  They've taken the kids off our hands when we need it and watched them when we have our many appointments.  The people who have sacrificed their finances to help us pay our bills are constantly on our minds.  I'm blown away by how amazing  you all are for even considering helping us.

Please continue to pray that this process goes relatively easy considering what it is.  Basically that Becky would feel as normal as possible during her treatment.  Of course that the cancer would NEVER return and that God's peace would be over both of us.


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