Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Good News for Me!- Becky

I know Jonas just posted but he didn't mention the result of my appt, so I thought I'd fill you in on that. Everything looks great, I'm feeling great... and when the doctor read the notes from the hospital (from last week) comparing my first catscan to last week's catscan, they said that there is a "marked difference in size of the tumor, showing a significant improvement" since the chemo has started it's work. So praise God for that!

And again, I know he touched on this in his post, but please do specifically pray for us to have the energy to keep up with our kids. I told Jonas one day that the chemo was wearing me out enough to feel like I can't even manage my own children...but he assured me it's probably not the chemo because he's also worn out completely :). SO! We would appreciate your prayers with our kids...for their behavior, the energy levels to be manageable :), and their sleep schedules to lengthen. And then for us as we attempt to keep up. Especially for Jonas as he usually gets up with the kids every morning and does the bulk of the hard stuff with them. I can see he is WORN OUT and I wish I could do more to help him out. But that's why we have God's strength to get us through.

Over and Out.

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  1. I read the blog everytime you guys write! So glad to hear the tumor is shrinking! Prayers are continuing to be sent from here, for you (body, mind and spirit), Jonas and the boys. Much, much love~Heather