Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cutting Teeth

You know what's really not all that fun?  When children, Liam specifically, cut their teeth.  To all of you non-parents out there, this is when our teeth grow in for the first time.  They "cut" through the gums.  Apparently this also means pain and fussiness.  Yay, for me.  :)  Right now the hardest thing for Becky and I is to maintain some sense of normalcy with the boys as we go through this time.  I'm home from working, which means I'm here a lot more than normal.  I have taken a few concert dates over the next few months to help pay for all the bills.

By the way, those of you who have given to Becky and I to help us pay our bills and cover medical expenses are such a blessing!  Thanks for stepping out and doing that.  It makes us feel so loved.  There's a lot to pay for yet but we're on our way to being able to get through this without going in the hole.  Thank God!

Prayer:  please pray that we have energy.  It's hard enough without kids.  With's almost impossible.  Truth is, cancer or not, we'd be tired.  :)

We love you all!


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