Thursday, October 4, 2012

Note from Bec

Real quick I also want to say THANK YOU to everyone who's given to us financially and blessed us beyond what we could ever imagine! God has provided our every need so far and we trust he'll see us through the rest of the journey. Thank you to everyone who's praying! We all know that's where the real power comes from. And I want to say thank you (hopefully these ladies are keeping up with our blog!) to some people who have sent me letters with encouragement and scripture, who knit me a beanie hat which I love!, and who sent me beautiful earrings from their jewelry shop in Boston. You see, I had the letters and cards with their return addresses set in a place that I thought was safe...however... someone who will remain nameless thought it was trash and threw those names and addresses away! So I have no way of thanking you ladies for those gifts unless you happen to read this.

Also, I had a doctor's appt today. They scheduled another echocardiogram? for me today just to make sure the fluid hasn't returned around my heart (they were trying to figure out why I might be having dizzy spells recently). And as far as the doctor doing the procedure, he said he didn't see any fluid there so praise God for that! And he said that the first time I came in my tumor was very obvious when they had done the first two echocardiograms back in August. But this time he said he'd try to measure it for me but couldn't even find anything on the screen to measure! That doesn't mean it's gone, but that's still an amazing thing to hear :). My next chemo is set for Oct 23 and sometime after that I believe I'm due for another petscan to see the improvement.

As far as the dizzy spells, I haven't had any in 2 days which is great... I've been doing my best to stay hydrated and I've been drinking gaterade as well. The doctor told me that in case it's due to low blood pressure or low blood sugar, the recommend for a little while that I eat saltier things and maybe increase my sugar intake slightly. :) I will gladly do that :)

I had chemo this past Tuesday and feel great. I'm not sleeping as soundly, mainly due to my disgustingly awful steroids that I have to take (seriously... my tolerance for them is fading and I'm finding it harder and harder to get them down due to how HORRIBLE THEY TASTE. I know that sounds silly but today I almost gagged one out, SO please please pray I can get through all these cycles with the steroids that I have to keep taking. I DREAD taking them).

Thanks again!

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