Monday, October 8, 2012

Feeling a little off today

Today was kind of a lousy day. It, of course, started way too early with our little one waking before 5am....but today for the first time in a few days I felt pretty light headed again and on and off dizzy. I assumed it was due to not drinking water yet so I filled up my water bottle and hoped that would solve it. We decided to try and go to an art festival since it was a nice day... we parked...walked forever to get to the location and then as soon as we start walking through the festival, I felt weird. I felt like I could very possibly pass out due to dizziness. It kind of freaked me out. We were walking so slowly.... I was holding onto Jonas' arm and yet I still felt like I needed to sit or risk falling over. (and I was still drinking my water!) Sadly, about 10 min after being there we decided to turn around and go home. Not worth it. I was so overwhelmed with everything to look at which added to the dizziness and after using the porta potty there, I knew I didn't want to risk getting more germs from all the bathroom trips I'd have to make (if I were to stay as hydrated as needed). So we headed home and I zonked out for a few hours. I think I over did it today with walking (even though it was just walking from our car to the entrance) but I'm realizing that my body needs more rest even though often I feel and look fine.

It concerns me a little, though, with how dizzy I felt today. I've been feeling great lately and haven't had any moments like that in almost a week and then all of a sudden I felt way off today. And it scared me. I just want to figure out WHY I'm feeling dizzy and like I could pass out so that I can avoid it! I'm drinking but that doesn't always seem to make any difference... maybe I need more snacks...maybe I need salt...ugh! I just want to feel normal again. I hate not feeling like I can be left alone with my kids incase I have moments like that. And then this whole day I've just felt strange. My insides are restless, I feel foggy and weak...reminds me of how I felt the first time I came home after my first chemo.

ALL OF THAT TO SAY.... please pray for me. Pray against my dizzy spells. Pray i never pass out again. Pray that this weird feeling that I can't describe (how I'm feeling right now) goes away and I can feel like myself again. And that I get the rest I need and all of that. I just pray that I'll be able to sleep tonight and tomorrow will wake up feeling great again.

Thanks :)

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  1. hi becky! i just found your blog via your husbands facebook page. glad i did. your story has already touched me and i will pray for you!