Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Our Little Fella

Please pray for Liam if you would.  He's got a cold for sure.  He has a runny nose and a cough and unfortunately a temperament to match.  Because of Becky's low white blood cell counts right now she can't get sick, not even a little.  Her white blood cells help fight off sickness.  Without them, even the smallest sniffle can become a major issue.  Pray that God would surround her with His protection and that Hunter and I would steer clear from it too.  It'll be hard to do seeing as how I'll need to be with him and comfort him while he gets through this.

Other than that we've been relatively ok.  Still pretty exhausted and drained but Becky has felt ok for the most part.  Her dizzy spells seem to have calmed a bit.  As for the rest of us....we're hanging in there.  We're trusting that God would continue to provide and begin to reveal to us some of the "big picture."


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  1. My family's prayers are with you all. We pray that Liam will get well and that no one else in the family will contact the cold. We also pray that Becky will remain cold-free.

    I was at the Connect Fest this weekend and was absolutely blessed by your music and your testimony. May God be with you and your family, as I know He is!