Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We Had a Scare

This morning in typical style my 1 yr old Liam woke up at 5am.  I was exhausted from going out with some friends the night before and felt pretty weak when I woke up.  But who am I to complain when my love is going through such a trial.  Anyway...Becky woke up with us to use the restroom before going back to lay down for a bit.  When she came out I was standing in the kitchen and she looked strangely tired.  She leaned into me and said that she felt like she might faint.  As she leaned on me she went limp.  Her eyes rolled back and she make a scary weezing sound.  I laid her gently to the floor as I  went into a panic, grabbed my phone and prepared to call 911.  Just then she woke out of it and told me to call our Dr.  We did and of course he told us to get to the E.R.
I drove like a madman and got her to the E.R. where they quickly admitted her.  Started to give her fluids and ask a million questions.  I was certain that she caught a virus of some kind.  With her white blood cells low, she can't catch even the simplest virus or it can be very bad.  To say the least I was scared and freaking out.  I'm SO TIRED OF BEING SCARED!  I'm not the type that gets scared easily.   Lately I've been thrown into these situations where I'm lost in my fear.  I'm not enjoying it.
Anyway....after 6 hours of tests they found that she was in relatively perfect health.  Blood work was perfect.  Turns out that chemotherapy has a tendency to dehydrate.  We just happened to find that out the hard way.  She was dehydrated.
We are home and tired but ok.  We are SO BLESSED to have amazing parents who watch the kids when we need them.  Such servants, such examples to both of us.
This is probably jumbled but I'm so tired that I don't want to proof read.  LOL

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