Thursday, September 6, 2012

Answered Prayer

It's easy to forget about the blog when things are going great and I feel fine, but I suppose I should still continue the updates :). Aside from my port ACHING and healing up, I feel great! I'm not sure if my blood count is still low or not...but I feel good, I've been sleeping well...Only bummer is that I'm not allowed to pick anything heavy up (like my kids) for a week. So hard to see my adorable little Liam reaching and crying for me and I can't pick him up. But it's also awesome seeing how he's bonding so well with Jonas due to all of the time he's been having with them. Tuesday is my new chemo day (since I couldn't do it this week due to low blood count) so be praying for my recovery week after that. And please keep praying for Jonas as he's having to once again do most everything full time, especially when I'm (possibly) down and out for the week following chemo. He's doing a great job and doesn't complain but he's only human and I know he can wear out too. But my parents will be here so that will help. It's funny...before all of this happened or was discovered, I had been fervently praying for a few things: -Liam to sleep through the night! - Jonas and I to have a deeper, closer relationship -to be used and not just feel like I'm a stay at home mom that's stuck at home and exists without doing anything for God -and for my spiritual walk to deepen (and my whole family's) This whole cancer journey has DEFINITELY answered and is the process of answering those prayers. All of them. The first week when I was rushed to the ER Liam had no problem sleeping through the night at grandma's house... (little stinker... of course it's always easy when he's with someone else!). And obviously Jonas and I have learned SO much about ourselves, our priorities, each other... And even last sunday when I wasn't able to go to church with Jonas due to my blood count, I had an amazing opportunity when my neighbor who I NEVER talk to came out and started pouring his problems out to me. If you know me, you know I'm shy... I'm not the one who can naturally join in conversation with someone I hardly know. But, I realized that this was no coincidence and was an opportunity given by God and started sharing Jesus with him. He said he could see that we have peace, especially with me going through what I'm experiencing, and he wants that...and he doesn't have it. For an hour I poured out my heart to him about the reality of Jesus and how he cares and how he can have peace in his life.... who knows if he thinks I was completely looney or if he'll give God a try and sincerely call out to him and see if he exists. So please, please,please pray for my neighbor.... that, even though he doesn't believe in God, that he'll at least ask God if He's real! And seek him and his peace! and find him! It was just cool to see that God is already using shy little me :) and filling me with a boldness I didn't tap into before. I'm still not a natural at sharing! but I believe God gave me the words to say at that moment. And I'm so happy that I was able to plant a seed in someone's life and point them to Hope.

A couple of verses I read this week that spoke to me:
"...don't be afraid, I have rescued you. I have called you by name; now you belong to me. When you cross deep rivers, I will be with you, and you won't drown. When you walk through fire, you won't be burned or scorched by the flames. I am the Lord, your God, the Holy One of Israel, the God who saves you." Isaiah 43: 1-3

"My people, you are my witnesses and my chosen servant. I want you to know me, to trust me, and understand that I alone am God. I have always been God; there can be no others. I alone am the Lord; only I can rescue you. I promised to save you, and I kept my promise. You are my witnesses that no other god did this. I , the Lord, have spoken. I am God now and forever. No one can snatch you from me or stand in my way." Isaiah 43: 10-13

Oh, and for the one who wanted to see a picture of me in a you go :) Let me just say that figuring out how to tie the scarves is not as easy as one would imagine!

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  1. Isn't it amazing to see how God listens and answers our prayers, even if they seem trivial (and they really aren't!). I'm glad you had that opportunity with your neighbor. He can't deny your testimony or how your light and joy still shine through during this trial. I will be praying!

    Glad your parents are coming for a few days and can help in a way that only a grandparent can! ;) I'm praying for your strength, as well as for Rob. You are both so inspiring, and I am blessed to know you. ;)