Friday, September 7, 2012

My Adorable Wife

Ok, so I get that I've been a little sappy when it comes to my wife lately, but truthfully I'm feeling like a teenager again when I look at her.  It's not the hair or the lack of it, it's not the fact that she's going through this crazy thing called cancer, it's the gift that God has given to me called clarity.  Wow, I've needed some clarity.  Anyway...seeing God in her allows me to see her better and understand her better.  With that clarity comes profound love.  I'm grateful for it.

We're both anxious to keep the chemo sessions coming.  They are, of course, right on track but we're both wanting to speed it up so we can get to the end.  This is not a very good idea seeing as how the body wouldn't much appreciate an overdose of chemo.  This is why I'm not a Dr. although, if they ever needed me, I do have scrubs.  So...

Lessons learned this week:

- Silence is Powerful and sometimes imperative
- Victory can be found in anything if we keep our perspectives in order
- Real love is only conditional if we don't understand the definition of love
- God is TRULY a comforter
- Cancer can be a gift  (hard to type this but it's true in our case)

Phil: 2:15  one of my favorite verses.  I see my wife "shining like the stars in the universe."


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  1. Thanks for passing along the lessons learned...I could use some reminders too! ;)

    God fill you with supernatural, superhero strength during this time, Rob! Maybe you should start wearing a Superman shirt, not just the scrubs. ;) LOL