Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Becky is here now in Providence getting chemo for the 2nd time. Becky has her parents here visiting so our chemo day consisted of playing games and laughing and probably having too much fun. She said she felt better this session of chemo than when she had her first so praise God! No more sore throat side effects during it. We met with Dr. Wittle's this morning to hear how she's doing. He was very pleased to see that all her counts were perfect. There's a number attributed to her lymph nodes and malignancy. When she came in for the first time that number was elevated at 364. You Dr. or Nurse people out there can correct me, but this is how I understood it. Now her number is exactly where it is supposed to be at 160. Dr. Wittle's said that it's no surprise that the number is so low. They expect that the actual mass should be almost gone at this point. This translates into, CHEMO is powerful stuff. Please continue to pray that God would provide for us during these next few months. It's going to be an interesting ride with me staying home with the kids. I LOVE it but it's hard not working right now. As I start to talk about what we're going through I'm discovering that this is not a message of sadness or depression but a message of HOPE and EXPECTATION! God is surely doing something amazing to us and through us. We're starting to see how amazing He really is. Here's some food for thought: As you read this and think in your mind that your issues are small or that the things that you're going through are minor compared to what Becky is going through, ask yourself this question: WHAT IS TOO BIG FOR GOD? In other words, you see your issue as small compared to what Becky is going through but God sees Becky's issue and your issue and everyone's issue as SMALL. God loves you so much. He is able to do anything! Nothing is too big or too small for God to help. Thanks for your continued support and prayers. We are in good spirits.

-Rob (Jonas)

Here's a new picture that our sister in law Becca Arthurs Woods took of Becky.  Awesome stuff.  

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